Passive Income for regular people

Everyone talks about passive income starting from $0, advising ordinary things like opening a youtube channel, getting a blog running, or getting into network marketing those are ok. But to be honest, ordinary people have no time, the talent or the skills to be good at it for a minimum of one year to see accurate results.

Here are some of my lazy, passive income platforms.

Juicy Fields

Its a platform that “gives you the opportunity to earn money by helping small businesses in the cannabis industry expand and improve. The goal of our project is to create a global brand for the production of medical cannabis products (oil-based)” Click on The title to get to the page, do not go to another page, scams are real people.

This platform has given me a return on investment of over 30% in 3 months, on-time, accurate and easy. You do not have an over $5000 portfolio to start; you can start with a minimum of 50 euros.

Sarah, I do not earn euros, neither do I; they accept bitcoin, etherium and tether.

But Sarah, “I do not have a digital wallet, and also I do not trust a digital currency.”

Yes, neither do I. The market on digital currency is way too volatile, and I am lazy to deal with it as an investment.

But I do have a user friendly account with Coinspot and this is my money cycle.

I live in Australia; I transfer the money I need from my bank account to coinspot, Then I pay with etherium (is a preference) the amount I need for Juicy fields.

I do not let my money sit there because I am using etherium to transfer my money to a more reliable investment.

After three months, according to the number of plants I got, I will get my profits.

Example I save $100 per week and invest $400 per month that in 3 months will convert to a minimum of 520 dollars, earning $120 in 3 months without moving a finger.

My mom lives in Argentina, and I need to care for her because the situation is not good. I decided to upgrade my game and buy a 2000 euros plant that will give me a minimum of 1800 euros per year for the next five years. With that investment, she can rely on a minimum wage salary for the next five years.

I am not a Financial expert, and for me this start up has increased my savings more than the interests of my bank. Is fast and easy, but I know this could be a weird ground for you if you have any question follow me on @sarahmachmud and DM me any question you have.

Rent Your Car

In Australia, one of the best platforms is Car Next Door. I have seen people getting in car loans and get them paid off with just one day a week rent pay. What I do with my car is simple, I do not own my car to anyone (I am good at saving money) because it is not a brand new car; it is a Jeep Patriot 2012. I rent it very cheap, just $45 a day. All the income Coming from the car helps pay the car expenses, so I do not have to spend that out of my pocket.

The people that earn more money are the ones that seriously take it as a business and not as a side hustle, and Utes are the more successful cars because people use them for moving furniture. The company have insurance and a way to track the person who rented the vehicle; it’s safe and easy. You do not even have to meet with the person to give them the car, you left a locked bag outside the car, and they come and take it with a password generated by the system.

Indeed if you live in a different country with no car next door, this could be a good option for you too.

If the car cost you around $13000 you can rent it for 3 days a week for between $80 to $100 and recover the money in one year and after the year have past you can sell the car and everything is going to be profit. Is not a huge effort.

Found free items to sell on Facebook Market.

What my partner and I do in our free time is do uber eats (food delivery) to make some extra money. While doing that, we found that in wealthy suburbs, people get rid of items that we know other people might be looking for cheap on Facebook, we take them home and sell them online.

I know it is not that passive; you still have to do the job and keep items that you do not need in your place, but think about it, it cost you nothing, and you can make money out of it.

On your way from work, look around. It does not hurt, and it can help a lot. The items could get picked up from the street, get posted on Facebook, and you can sit at home and wait for the buyer to come. Please take excellent photos and be honest about the product in the description.


You do not have to be extra talented to make a passive income, just use your current resources to make money while asleep. I have nothing against network marketing or pyramidal schemes, but I have not found a great company that makes been part of it worthy for me a for my people.

Tons of love guys


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