Get a job in your field as an immigrant.

It is no longer a secret that people assume you’ll be a cleaner, waiter or nanny when you move to another country. There is nothing wrong with these jobs, all the opposite; they help us build resilience and work ethics.

I come from Venezuela. Back there, I used to own a mobile minibar and an online underwear store while being in University. Left everything in 2016 to have a better life in this beautiful country Australia.

Now let’s get to it.

Break your social cycle.

I have worked as, massage therapist, uber east driver, bartender, waitress and cleaner. Do you know what all these jobs have in common? People telling you how comfortable and good they are, also sharing their lifestyle habits with you. These habits are the reason why these people still doing what they do. If that is what you travel the whole way to another country for, fantastic. But if you were expecting more from you, believe me, these people will not give you anything to improve your life. 

Are you in another country, learning a language? But also still hanging out with old mates from your country? If your answer is Yes and Yes, We are in trouble, a language is cultural. Where does the culture grow? In the streets, with the people from the same country, I am not saying forget where you come from, but if you want to make it in a foreign country, part of you needs to be with the people from that country. 

To work in your industry, without previous experience in the country, your need to expand your network and for these we can do a few things.

Personal Case: I lived with Venezuelan people and left because I was not learning anything new, I did not have expectations of making something different living there, I have lived with Australians since, and it was the best decision because I was new to the language, I started hanging out with girls that stopped working in hospitality and started working in places related to their careers. I pushed myself, saying, “I have a brain and two hands; if Australians can do that job, I can do it too” I broke the immigrant labour cycle.

Open a LinkedIn Account

LinkedIn is like social media for professionals to share their courses, experience and to get to know people in your industry. The whole purpose is to keep your profile updated for your future employer to see who you are as a professional. 

Apply your knowledge to your current workplace.

Pay attention, I worked in restaurants for way too long, and when I wanted to get out, I looked to build a social media management career while still working for the restaurant. I offered to manage their social media for free, to get the experience I needed to apply for internet jobs. After that, I got a job as social media manager for a solar company. I left Hospitality with a secured job I loved until the end.

What now? I am doing a science degree and because I know work experience is vital, I looked for any possible way to be anyone assistant in the science industry, precisely environmental solutions; I was keen to work for free, to earn the experience. It is a long term investment that pays well. Now I work in a company in charge of organic waste solutions. I will graduate with a minimum of two years of experience in the industry. Also, I still apply everything I learned from my past jobs; nothing is lost or wasted in life. If you learned something, it was worth it. 

You are not the same person.

You can scale in any company, do not punish yourself for not being where you were in the past. You are not the same person, and you are not in the same place. Give yourself some merit for being brave and take any opportunity proudly; remember, some people would like to be in your place.

Keep learning

Let’s say you already have a career; doing small courses in the country will make you look good in from of an employer. They will know that you at least see how the community works. It is also a great chance to make friends for future roles.


There is a lot of work out there; get your shoes on and start applying for them. Get your courses and documents done while you start looking for a way to legalize it. Do not follow the steps of your old friends; get your head up and look further for your future.

Work to be the person you want to be in 10 years, right now.

Tons of love,

Sarah Machmud.


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