International trustworthy investment platforms.

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"How a person can trust something when they have never invested money and want to do it but there is a lot of misinformation and fake information about pages/ apps or people that can rip you off the first $50 or $60 that you with good faith want to invest" 

I Was having a chat with my partner, who thinks exactly like this person. He told me, “I appreciate my money so much because It takes a lot of effort to make”; “I do not want to lose it”. Even he said to me he does not like casinos for the same reason. The thing is, we are not playing in a casino. We are investing. You lose money only when you treat the market as a casino without thinking ahead.

Here are Amazing platforms that are international trustworthy and cheap.

These are just the platforms, but if you want to get to know type of investments you can click here before checking this article:

5 things you need to know to start trading.

Binance (For crypto and NFT)

Binance is a popular place to start. The only thing I see from trading on this platform is that beginners might become confusing. Not everyone listens to trading podcasts as I do. But if you are at the beginning of your crypto trading career, this platform has all the tools and news you need. Also is not that expensive in comparison with Coinspot (the one that I am currently using)

Sarah, why are you still in the Coinspot if you say Binance is cheaper? Because I have been following the a strategy with coinspot, and it works. I have not found my groove with binance yet. Everyone has different methods. Also Coinspot is just for Australia and Binance is international.

Orders automatically when I think the market is going to go down, and then I set my sell orders to take my profits automatically, and then I get a text message when that happens. Maybe this is why I have not fully migrated to Binance. Maybe during holidays, I make myself a strategy with them because I am 100% sure you can set automatic orders with them.

Click on the highlights and for any deposit you make, you’ll get benefits.

Juicy Fields (Minimum Investment 50 EUR)

I have spoken about this new platform plenty of times, But here we are doing it again. Using Binance, you can swap any currency into ethereum or bitcoin, Juicy Filed accept both payments, and that is how I usually make my investments with them.

Juicy fields is a start up that makes people easy to invest in them. Passively I have increase my savings over 30% with out thinking much. They are expanding to Mexico and Colombia, which means they have no intentions to stop growing.

This links get you to the right webpage, Do not get into any other link, There are too many people getting ripped off because they invest money in scam webpages, people can copy designs really easy nowadays.

Broker Chooser

To trade Stocks, for me, are a fantastic source of passive income. You need to choose a broker according to your country. If you were in Australia, I would tell you to use your bank to trade stocks. But sometimes, they do not help you trade international stocks. I am Investing in things that I believe in the future will have a significant impact on the world. For example. Lithium Companies, Environmental solutions for energy or robotic development.

After you choose your Broker, Normally you can trade with the broker platform but I recommend you to download Meta Trader and link your broker account to the platform. Just in case you want to start trading in the forex market or in other kind of markets. You can link everything to your Meta Trader Account.

I regularly google these companies and then go to my investment Index and check the advice, posible dividends, and forecast of growth. This Platform is mostly free but to get extra advanced data you can pay a subscription fee. But is not necessary.

Some of them are not in investment index, what I do is check here I can have have a watch to companies and keep my email updated with possible investment options.

My Favorites are :
Core Lithium
Environmental Group
Australian Strategic Materials
Vulcan Energy Resources
Imugene Ltd
Liontown Resources

This is not a constant source of Cashflow

This is just a better way to have your savings accumulating more interest that they will ever accumulate in the bank and also help an industry that may change the future.


There is not easy way to make money, but for sure having all your money in a savings account accumulation less than 2% of interest, will not make you any richer.

Sending tons of love,


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