4 Ways To Make Money Saving The Environment

Everyone will tell you about the basics, RRR (Reduce, Reuse & Recycle ) but no one talk about other things that help in a even bigger picture and what benefits you can get from it. 

1) Invest In Environmental Companies

Industries in Australia that will help you have a growing environmentally conscious portfolio: 

Lithium Stocks As you know, batteries are made with Lithium. Its extraction will be essential for the change to green energy, Wich mean lithium industries are the future. Here are my favourites Lithium Companies: 

AVZ Minerals Ltd (AVZ)
Global Lithium Resources Ltd (GL1)
Core Lithium Ltd (CXO)

Environmental Companies There are companies in charge of sustainable product development for any industry, and these are my favourite two in Australia.

Environmental Group Ltd (the) (EGL)
Environmental Clean Technologies Ltd (ECT)

The ones I  show have three main things I see when I buy Stocks. The sustainability in a time of the companies, The yearly forecast is growing over 100% assuming that will be less in real life and the technical analysis working in my favour. 

2) Collect Cans and Bottles.

If you collect 50 cans or bottles a week, that means $5, which is not much. If you ask your friends to save bottles and cans at parties, you can make $15 to $50. My partner and I are social people, and the money we get from recycling is going to our emergency funds. This emergency fund is now in $500.

 You would say, well, if you did not do that many parties, you can put more money aside, but we like reunions, and that will never change, so we better live with that. 

3) Environmental Side Hustle

Environmental Cleaning Company: When I first came to Australia, I worked for a cleaning company that used organic products to clean houses. The owner just provided training and clients for the cleaners. We were independent contractors. We had places to clean per day, and the company got a percentage of the pay per house (it was 8%).  

There was a point that the owner could hire a manager to organize the cleaners, and he stopped working that many hours. I always remember how good this business model was because of the little money it required to build and how quickly it grew because he was using organic and proofed cleaning products; people loved the idea. 

Also, the company never accepted bond cleaning contracts (deep cleaning for new tenants) because to be 100% successful at those, you need strong chemicals that haven’t been developed yet for organic products.

Online Business Mine is ecolivingcollective.com.au where we guide people to their first environmentally conscious items. Helps you understand the market and see if you can develop your own products. 

4) Resell books or used items

Flipping items is still an excellent way to make money and helps the environment; refurbishing and reselling makes you part of the circular economy we should all get in. 

Facebook marketplace is a fantastic place to get started with your business, my partner is a carpenter, and he sees potential in things that I consider trash. If you have an eye for possible fixings, this is a fantastic way to get started. Also, moner people nowadays want to have unique items and whatever is on-trend is not special if everyone has it. 

Let’s get vintage. 

You can get for free: Books, Clothing, Furniture and Plastic.

My next project is to recycle plastic and make phone cases and accessories in general. Wish me luck.


These are simple ideas to do your part for the environment  and get money on your pocket. But there is definitely more things you can do for sure. 

Email me if you have any project idea you would like my advice for or that you want me to be part of Machmud.sarah@gmail.com  This is free of course. 


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