3 ways to save money with your partner.

Easier said than done, I know. Life is complicated already. Let’s make financial goals with your partner something easy and fun. 

While reading “the barefoot investor,” he said that when you set a plan with your partner, you should go and eat something nice and talk about it in a chill environment. Anything to help you work together towards a goal to not die without a financial backup. 

 1) Choose an investment you both like.

Ruben and I chose Juicy Fields because we both like the project, and we get over 30% back every 108 days. In the future, we are thinking of having our food truck, we have done our business plan, and we are saving the money to work towards that goal. 

Also, we would like to get into real estate after we marry, which will require all the financial training possible.

2) Replace immediate gratification for long term gratification.

I have spent more money, having a partner than being single is because we eat out more and try to pamper each other, which is a fantastic thing to do and means that you will spend more money doing all these activities. 

Make a list with your partner of what is not essential and check how much money a year you will save. Every time you do those activities, you can think of how much money you can have at the end of the year if you stop doing those non-essential activities


  • Eating Out: $7600 per year.
  • Expensive Rent: $20,160 per year, we can look for a cheaper place, to save at least $5000.
  • Supermarket items: $3000 in savings by changing supermarkets. 

That is a total of $15600 a year that, with a 30% return every 108 days, will make $34,273.2. With some extra money, we can get the initial of a house. With One-quarter of that, we can get our food truck. 

3. Automatic deposit on your joined savings account. 

You have a plan, which means you are ready to make it happen—every time you get paid, set your account to make automatic deposits to your joined bank account.

The “I can save more than you” situation will happen; I want to remind you that you are a team, and it does not matter who is setting aside more money than the other. What matters is the final goal reached with that money. 


Shared goals are essential, but please do not sacrifice your personal goals. If you do not have a plan, please run and get that sorted first than committing to your life partner with money you might want to use for something else. 



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