SOBUY Australia SCAM Alert (from a user)

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SOBUY plays with others peoples well earned human trust to run this ponzi scheme. 

If your get early in the game you might get lucky like me, that I just invested about $350  and got my money back. 

But the problem is that people’s ambition have no limits. We all want easy money, and by putting more you will get more, sort of deal does not work. 

How they operate?

  1. Get someone to invest the minimum and comply with the daily payments. 
  2. Earn the trust of that person by making them believe is not a scam
  3. Give rewards to that person for bringing more friends to invest. 
  4. With your money your friends get paid. 
  5. They encourage you to invest more to earn more, because you trust the system,  and you see how they are paying your friends, which makes you put more money in.
  6. When the system have enough money from new people they go away and take everyone’s money away.  

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We are losing money and our friend’s trust.

Every person makes a financial choice on their own. But you have a responsibility with your community. People trust what you say because life would be complicated if you overthink everything.

People got into debt because of this scam, with the promess that they would get their money back to repay that debt and have a year subscription to keep earning money. 

They are well organized, which makes this scam so successful. 

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They also play with trusted company names

If I were these companies I would try to get these guys hunted so they do to use their name for this type of publicity.

But on the side, because they use crypto they are untraceable  Which is one of the points of having a decentralized financial system. 

On the other hand, I am open to someone reading this to show a solution for this type of scam. The government assumes is your responsibility and no one is paying for this crime.

Normally when is too good to be true, it is not true. 

But there is hope, I try different investment platforms to see which one will benefit my community. I am always posting. 

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