• 5 things you need to know to start trading.

    5 things you need to know to start trading.

    Trading is an exciting way to approach money. When you get to understand that money is not real and is just a tool. You get to have the right mindset to get in the game. Here are 5 basic concepts you need to know and links to get you started. 1)Type of trading   You can… Read more

  • Passive Income for regular people

    Passive Income for regular people

    Everyone talks about passive income starting from $0, advising ordinary things like opening a youtube channel, getting a blog running, or getting into network marketing those are ok. But to be honest, ordinary people have no time, the talent or the skills to be good at it for a minimum of one year to see… Read more

  • Is Digital Marketing Hard?

    Is Digital Marketing Hard?

    Digital Marketing For Start Ups or Small Businesses. To keep it simple lets go step by step on how you should get started with our digital marketing strategy. 1) Define your marketing channels; Not all social media channels are for your business. Be where your clients are. It all depends if your product is a… Read more


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