How often should you check your investment portfolio? (also $$$ minimum to get started)

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"Is it necessary to stay all day checking the app to know when is the best moment to invest money?"

Yes and No, Let me explain.

I am a passive income investor for two reasons; I wouldn’t say I like to check my portfolio all the time. I get addicted to things quickly, and sometimes checking your money all the time can give you anxiety. Personally I check once a day but if a missed a day, nothing will change. I will still get money passively.

I am going to divide this according to your minimum investment capacities. 

If you are investing in from $20

I recommend the flexible saving options of binance. It works like regular savings account for cryptocurrency, but the interest is given every day. Flexible savings on binance means you can compound your interest faster than with traditional banks.

For example I have invested $100 in a compound plan at 3.6 annual yield for a crypto currency. That after 6 moths will become $264 having $164 of earnings. Sounds like little, but with your regular bank you cannot do daily compound.

Here the steps I follow to get this happen.

1) Open an account. Here (you will earn automatically 10% of what you invest using my link)

2) Get verified.

3) Go to finance on top of the menu and click binance earn.

4) Go down and click savings.

5) You will see two options Flexible and Locked Savings. You will open the rest of the crypto on flexible savings

6) Check the interest per year. If you like it, click subscribe. If you do not have the crypto, you can click on the top right and buy exactly the amount you need. 

7) Click here I made a compound interest calculator help myself estimate my earnings 

8) WARNING. The value of the crypto changes in the market, but usually, you recover the money because it keeps growing. 

Check you wallet overview, to keep track of your progress.

You do not need to be a trader to earn money with crypto. But still, you will have all the necessary data to start trading on the platform. 

If you are Investing from $120

Juicy Fields is a great startup that gives you from 35% of your investment every 3 months. I have been investing with them, and I am pretty happy with my decision.

If you already have Binance you can use it has digital wallet to transfer money to Juicy Fields but if you have an account in EUROS you can use the company they recommend. Usually I transfer with Ethereum.


At the moment I am in a 5 year plan where I get from 1800 EUR per year for the next 5 years with an initial investment on 2000 EUR. They have different plans. You have to choose the one that suits you the most.


I am the kind of person that does not take many risks, that is why before you explore any other options. study how the market moves and then invest bigger amounts of money. For now, invest and chill.

Sending tons of love,



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